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Assistance for issuing visas for corporate clients

For corporate clients, WASTEELS offers full information regarding visa requirements and assists in filling in forms, applying for visa and receiving the passport with the ready visa (where it is possible).

  • We can assist you with touristic, business, transit and other visas, for single or multiple visits in USA, Australia, Russia, Kazkhstan, Vietnam, China, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and others.Колаж с визи
  • The cost of the visa is changing, depending on different factors: the country you are applying for, the visa fee, the type of visa, the time neded and the deadlines for issuing the visa. 
  • The candidate provides all the information and required documents and is fully responsible for their authenticity, validity and truth. When travelling with minors, additional documents might be required, depending on the individual case.
  • WASTEELS takes no responsibility when your visa application is refused.
  • The visas fees are non-refundable and non transferrable.